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all hail the prince of cats
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Oh my god
Warner Bros is doing a jungle book movie too

And guess what they’ll actually have to work off of the books (SHOCKER!!??) and not disney’s crap “retelling” of a story that didn’t even happen in the books ok ok

all i did today was draw a crapton of freebies on Gaia while listening to let’s plays


boy we are in business

Team Black n Red Losers is a Go


boy we are in business

Team Black n Red Losers is a Go


and here’s the little pooper that’s where my art blog username comes from—

Sunny art for The Walking City OCT! Pairing up with corycat90's Jediah and ver excited hehehh

look at this darling that has to put up w/ jed for the rest of their natural lives wowowowow


My SnK button set! I’ll probably be looking to add more to this in the future, but for now…

(Available on my storenvy)

omg Cory you’re playing P4 how far are you?

Um!! We stopped last night bc we couldnt beat Yukiko ahaha— so that’s where we’re at—

Yay! P4 is awesome and I hope you continue to enjoy it ^_^ . Who is your fave character/persona so far??
what’re you playing it on?

bought and downloaded it onto my PS3

friend kept sayin that she had been lookin for it at gamestop n i was like “i wonder if it’s on the playstation shop thing doo-da” and lo and behold, it was there!! so we bought that bitch. and that’s been the last few days here.

so we’ve been playing Persona 4

and i love it

Maro got a bit of a redesign—
they are the highest rank of sphinx and also the leader of all sphinxes (stateless excluded)
HORNS ARE FUN HORNS ARE COOL yes maro also has random appearing eyes but im TOO TIRED RN—