there dwells a little feral prince

all hail the prince of cats
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commissions :: OPEN
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friend n i were talkin about dragon riders from other areas in HTTYD universe and i really wanted a bedouin-inspired kinda dragon rider n we liked the idea of these countries/peoples having tamed dragons long ago

Faizal is a young hunter and wannabe-explorer that loves flying with his sandskimmer, Firethroat. Sandskimmers live up to their names—they fly long distances without difficulty and they typically keep close to the ground. Young ones often collide into sand dunes when learning how to fly.

been thinkin bout old characters
here’s a weepy baby ros




Hey y’all, Summer is here and with all these new followers I’ve gotten I just wanted to tell you that I’m open for commissions as of NOW!


 $30 USD - Black and White Lineart (+$5 per addl. character) 



$40 USD - Flat (ish) Color! (+$5 per addl. chara.)  image


$60 USD - “Vector” Style Coloring! (+5 per blah blah you get it/ price may also increase according to complexity—-we’ll talk!)



I ALSO DO TRADITIONAL WORK! (Watercolor and Inkwash)

(Prices will vary according to size, complexity, and location)




Thanks so much! 

Hey guys! I’m having a bit of financial problems here so if you can’t afford a commission from me, could you reblog this message instead? Any kind of sharing and getting the word out could help. Thanks so much! 


I’m leaving early Saturday morning and today is the last day any paypal transfers will go through in time, so if anybody else feels nice enough to donate money for a gallon of gas or two, I would be most grateful. ;w;

Dudes ziv is a great person so click on their blog n click on that donate button and donate won’t you? So that they can get across the country. It would make me mad happy, yo.

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I did a shit ton of packing yesterday. 
Basically all I need to do now is pack up my desk, tape closed those drawers, and pack my “bed”
here’s a dedan for you guys
im goin to bed now
more of jed im so sorry

how can youtube have the same three ads before their videos for months at a time?

Got a jobbbbbbb!???!!


July 21st is the day that Mario Tennis for the N64 was released in japan, and it also marks the first appearance of Waluigi!

Happy birthday Waluigi!


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