there dwells a little feral prince

all hail the prince of cats
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just got some old royalties from a novel i published back in 2010. huh. 

You published a book!? Tell me more

i dare not speak of it nowadays

i was 17 when i published it and at the time i thought it was pretty incredible—it was about a steampunk colony in the sky based on australia, and told the story of a mixed-race boy and his family

all i can tell you nowadays is that it’s really, really, really bad and i hope it never sees the light of day ever again

It was extremely incredible and I still have it
I’ll have it forever

More figure painting!


wanted to do a sketchy redraw of something old and ugly

always nice when your gf brings you thoughtful gifts

i love redraws so damn much bye

workin on school work n im bout ready to die
this is as far as im gettin tonight and tbh i’ll probably go in a completely different direction for this project anyway sighs


so i finally put some stuff up on INPRNT! (And it’s free shipping till Sunday!!)
I mostly put pieces that people have asked me to make available for print in the past… . . here you go, finally !!!! CHECK EM OUT HERE ~~~
Thank you for taking a look!!

i’ll upload anything else, so if there’s anything you might be interested in, please let me know !

leaves in her hair

Anonymous said: But seriously though, why do you think magma is the better team. (When aqua is the obvious choice but anyway)- the aqua anon

it’s definitely not bc i have a gay crush on maxie

Anonymous said: In response to your sad anon post, some people support team aqua because they're obviously the far superior team. -the water anon ( bet you thought i'd gone away huh? You were WRONG)

do you ever just wanna

anyone interested in an OFF sprite of their chara for some undisclosed amount of money?